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  Raquel   July 06, 2017

Alfonso Herrera says that the cancellation of Sense8, a series that co-starred and was part of Netflix, generates mixed emotions.

On the one hand, he says, it gives him sadness to say goodbye to a story that had two seasons. But on the other, remembering the announcement of the elaboration of a special two-hour, the opportunity to lengthen the adventure a little.

I received a letter from Netflix explaining that the story was going to arrive until a second season and we started to write between us (the cast) and we said what a bad thing. Then by social networks I saw the letter from Lana (Wachowski, director and creator of the concept) of the special and I was surprised, I joined the celebration, finally we will be able to close the story”, he says.

Sense8 showed how a group of people from different countries and cultures were connected emotionally, after the death of a woman. Herrera played Hernando, who maintains a love affair with Lito (the Spanish Miguel Ángel Silvestre).

The actor says that so far he has not received a date for the recording of the Sense8 special, or where his character will go. “I do not know anything, I emailed Lana for her birthday and she responded by thanking me, but we could not speak“, he says.

Poncho will travel this weekend to Vancouver, Canada, to begin the second season of the series The Exorcist, which stars. “It will be four and a half months of work, ten chapters, which gives me great pleasure, for that volume“, he says.

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