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Stills & promo – The Exorcist: 1×05 “Through My Most Grievous Fault”

The exorcism begins; Father Tomas and Father Marcus engage the demon in spiritual welfare, but the demon is waiting with a few secrets of its own, as the manipulations begin to drive a wedge between the Rance family.

Episode Stills:


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Videos + Pics: Teaser and scenes of Urban Cowboy

The pilot for Urban Cowboy was filmed in Austin in 2015, this project was canceled and has no plans of being made in the time being, the teaser and the scenes are part of the pilot.


Scenes #1



Alfonso Herrera fights against Hollywood demons with “The Exorcist”
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Alfonso Herrera fights against Hollywood demons with “The Exorcist”

Alfonso Herrera is in a fight with the devil as the protagonist of the new series “The Exorcist“. But the 32-year-old Mexican actor is often compared more with the angel of Spanish film, an Antonio Banderas look-a-like, especially in that simpathy found in his stare. “They tell me that often, and it’s a comment worth hearing”, proudly states the actor and singer born in the city of Mexico and who’s friends know as Poncho. “It is something to feel proud of, as an actor and for what he represents. I hear Banderas speak in the Premios Platino, of how we need to come together to get what we want, and I gave nothing but respect for him”, he assured in reference to a speech from the interpreter from Malaga, during an award show which has also recognized the international labor of the HFPA. Herrera is a global interpreter who has worked in Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Berlin, and now in the United States, thanks to the new-style series which retakes a horror classic that under the name “The Exorcist“, took to the novel by William Peter Blatty to the screen in 1973, generating a big cinematography saga of demonic possessions.

The television series takes off from the same premise but with one importante change in its plot. The priest who debates between his own faith and the presence of the demon is father Tomás Ortega, character which Herrera interprets.

What accounts for this change? Why a Hispanic priest?

I can’t be happier about the change. Fox Studios, the pilot producers, they have been capable of realizing the incredible Hispanic presence that exists in the United States and of their television demands, an audience that wants to see new things and that wants to end stereotypes. And I love to be part of this process of change.

What does The Exorcist have that for more than four decades from its premiere, it still keeps on giving a lot to talk about as one of the classics of the horror genre?

The movie stands as an iconic international film and I don’t hink it’s because or just because of the terror. It’s about a very well created story with full developed tridimensional characters and it is capable of evoking our fears. And that is the main purpose of this series. A great responsability due to the popularity of the movie in which we are basing it on but also a great opportunity since this way we are taking this classic to a new generation.

Do you believe in the devil? In the reincarnation of evil?

I do consider that there are energies. That light as well as darkness exists. And I always prefer the light. Although it’s true that in Mexico there exists this mysticism about death with the celebration of Day of the Dead.

In Mexico, you already rely on a long career not just as an actor but also as a singer. Is it hard to start once again in Hollywood?

When one thinks he has arrived, it means they are finished. I never stop giving myself goals and to grow as an actor and as a person.

What took you to the interpretation?

Aviation. I wanted to be a commercial pilot and register at a school in San Antonio, Texas (USA). But my friend’s dad, a movie director, offered me a role (Amar te Duele, 2002). Then when I was about to leave another role came up, and like that until now. Perhaps when I am done with The Exorcist it will be time to get my diploma as a pilot.

You work with Geena Davis in The Exorcist. How do you describe her as an actress?

It’s not really necessary because, who doesn’t know Geena Davis? They introduced her to me when I arrived at Chicago for the reading of the script. I won’t forget. Besides being a great actress she is a great coworker, generous with the whole world.

How do you compare your other work in the United States next to the sisters Wachowski in Sense8 with The Exorcist?

Both are alike in that they both have a very solid spinal vertebrate which makes the work very simple. Sense8 is something I also celebrate because it has made me form part of a televised revolution that is changing the way we watch content.

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“El Diez” will be broadcasted by ESPN
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“El Diez” will be broadcasted by ESPN

The series, starring Alfonso Herrera, Eréndira Ibarra, Ernesto Loera, Joaquín Cosío y Mauricio Quintana will be once again broadcasting through ESPN 3 this upcoming saturday, July 2nd at 10pm at night. Here’s a reminder of the trailer and synopsis of this series that definitely should not be missed.

Salvador Espinosa, a young from Ocotlán, Jalisco, comes to Mexico City in search of soccer glory. After the success of the Sub-20, the best soccer clubs in Mexico are competing to have him on their team. Now, Chava and his best friends, Cremas and Gonzalo, have to prepare for this unstable, seductive and manipulative world of national soccer.

The Chosen: Trailer, synopsis and premiere date
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The Chosen: Trailer, synopsis and premiere date

This movie directed by Antonio Chavarrías and with Alfonso Herrera, Hannah Murray, Henry Goodman, Elvira Mínguez, Roger Casamajor, Javier Godino and others as part of the cast will premiere September 2nd in Spain.

Spain, 1937. A young republican official named Ramón Mercader is recruited by the soviet espionage service to participate in a top secret mission by order of Stalin himself: to kill León Trotsky, who was considered a traitor. After some time preparing in Russia, Ramón leaves what was his life until now and travels to Paris under a new identity, that of a wealthy Belgian named Jacques Mornard. There, he meets Sylvia, a young Trotskyist, who will not take long to be seduced by Jacques. In 1940 they reunite in Mexico, country in which Trotsky is living in exile. Ramón claims he is seeking refuge from the war in Europe and Sylvia works as a secretary for Trotsky. A stranger to her lover’s plans, Sylvia opens the doors to her life and introduces him in his target’s intimate circle.


AHUniversal will be holding some raffles, join in!
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AHUniversal will be holding some raffles, join in!

Hello to everyone, universales! Next Saturday, October 8, we celebrate our 7 year anniversary, another year supporting the growing career of our dear Poncho, and we want to hold 3 raffles of 3 magazines (magazines will be announced soon) which feature Alfonso Herrera. We explain the rules of the raffles in detail right below. We want to announce that these raffles are 100% international no matter what part of the world you find yourself in:

  1. No person affiliated with our fan club will be able to participate.
  2. You will need to follow us in our social media accounts if you haven’t done so yet: Twitter and Facebook.
  3. All shipping costs will be handled by us, this raffle is totally free to all parts of the world.
  4. The shipping of the magazines will take effect until November, as soon as all winners are announced.
  5. We will contact all winners via the same way they won the magazine. If the raffle was held through Twitter, we will send a direct message, if it was through Facebook, the winner needs to send us a private message.
  6. If the person who won does not confirm and/or gives us their real information, we will hold the raffle once more or the magazine will go to the second place.

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