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Dead Poets Society
Alfonso as John Keating
(Teatro Libanés, Mexico City)
  Raquel   October 09, 2016   37 views

This movie directed by Antonio Chavarrías and with Alfonso Herrera, Hannah Murray, Henry Goodman, Elvira Mínguez, Roger Casamajor, Javier Godino and others as part of the cast will premiere September 2nd in Spain.

Spain, 1937. A young republican official named Ramón Mercader is recruited by the soviet espionage service to participate in a top secret mission by order of Stalin himself: to kill León Trotsky, who was considered a traitor. After some time preparing in Russia, Ramón leaves what was his life until now and travels to Paris under a new identity, that of a wealthy Belgian named Jacques Mornard. There, he meets Sylvia, a young Trotskyist, who will not take long to be seduced by Jacques. In 1940 they reunite in Mexico, country in which Trotsky is living in exile. Ramón claims he is seeking refuge from the war in Europe and Sylvia works as a secretary for Trotsky. A stranger to her lover’s plans, Sylvia opens the doors to her life and introduces him in his target’s intimate circle.


  Raquel   October 01, 2016   28 views

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  Raquel   July 17, 2016   43 views

This is the first part from the interview to Alfonso Herrera made by “La Caja de Música” where we can see the mexican actor talk about the series directed by the Wachowski sisters, Sense8, and sharing with us what is coming up ahead for Hernando, his chracter, in the second season.


Credits: La Caja de Música

  Raquel   July 06, 2016   81 views

He has become the most envied actor due to the sequences with Miguel Ángel Silvestre in Sense8. We talked to Poncho Herrera during his visit to Madrid to promote the movie The Chosen, which premieres on September 2nd.

Let’s get to the point. How well does Miguel Ángel Silvestre kiss?

(Laughs). The only thing I can tell you is that the dynamic we have generated on set has been very positive. And not just with Miguel Ángel, but also with Eréndira Ibarra, the other part of the trio. There has been a lot of opinions in regards to it, they have questioned us a lot, but I rather take it as a compliment.

The first season is full of hot sequences…

Well if the first one was polemical, watch out for the second one…

Do you think that you characters have broken stereotypes?

They’re real human stories. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, your sexual identity or profession. In the end, the only thing that matters is that we are all interconnected. If we understand that, our lives will be much easier.

Your visit in Madrid coincided with the Gay Pride Parade celebration and you know you have become an icon… Will you dare to go to out into the streets?

I didn’t know they would celebrate it this weekend. That’s great!

Miguel Ángel is also in Spain. Did you see each other?

We haven’t been abled to. But I did talk to him and he told me he was filming Velvet in Toledo.

You started your career in soap operas. Would you go back?

Of course I would. As long as they offer me a good story. Actually, they still remember me from Rebelde on the streets.

You don’t reject this genre?

Not at all! I will always be thankful. I wouldn’t be able to fight against something that gave me food for such a long time.

Would you like to work in Spain? Do you follow any series?

Yes. I saw El Tiempo Entre Costuras and I loved it. Plus, Spanish actors are tremendously fun.

You just finisehd filming the pilot episode of the series The Exorcist and, nothing less, with Geena Davis.

She is a tremendous actress, very generous, a north American movie icon. I thought the environment on set would be dark and dense but we had an incredible time.

And in The Chosen, where you reincarnate Ramón Mercader, you worked with Hannah Murray from Game of Thrones. Has she given you any spoilers?

I must be the only one who doesn’t watch the series! (Laughs) My woman was the one who was dying with envy.


Credits: Teleprograma

  Raquel   July 05, 2016   39 views

This past Friday, July 1st, the interview with Alfonso Herrera in the Spanish radio show “Vodafone Yu” of Los 40 España, where we were able to see a fun and diverse interview about Poncho’s career including his next premiere The Chosen, on September 2nd. Enjoy the interview and activate the subtitles if you need it:

  Raquel   July 05, 2016   30 views

Alfonso Herrera was promoting for two days in Spain to introduce the movie The Chosen, which premieres in the country this next September 2nd. In “Non Stop People” they asked about the actor from Rebelde‘s evolution and what the featured film is about. Watch the interview below and the shots we bring you: