Alfonso Herrera

Alfonso Herrera

Who hasn’t had hope as a child? Who hasn’t told themselves time and time again ‘when I grow up I want to be…’? Well, Alfonso Herrera dreamed and he dreamed big. But, how is it that, after wishing to be an airplane pilot, today we see him our TV screens or find him in huge movie productions?

It all startred in Mexico. Yes, his country of origin. ‘Poncho’ —his well-known nickname— was born on a Sunday on August 28, 1983 in Mexico City. His childhood was divided between this city and Guadalajara. Living between costumes, every single weekend a new character would take over him; he could be a ninja turtle, Mario Bros, Batman and many others. An unconscious indication to his real profession? Most likely. Yet, the young and devoted kid only awaited to move an aviation school in San Antonio, but life gave him a 360 degree turn.

Just a proposal, and maybe just a simple game, but he accepted to form part of an experimental theatrical group at school along with his friends. This was the first of many steps he took that took him where he is now: a young actor who, day by day, strengthens his career.

Small roles in plays like ‘Las brujas de Salem, ‘Cómo matar a un ruiseñor’ and ‘Antígona’ allowed him to discover his real passion. However, the big doors to his acting career opened when he filmed his first movie ‘Amar te duele’ (2002), gaining such recognition that led to the famous Mexican youth soap opera producer, Pedro Damián, to invite him to audition for his new project ‘Clase 406 (2002). Juan David, as his character was called, not only marked his beginning in television but also showed him the difficulty that existed in keeping up with the routines of filming. Poncho had to go through about studying aviation. One again, Pedro Damián offered him another project. This time in a protagonist role in the youth soap opera ‘Rebelde’ (2004). The new proposal drove Poncho to start thinking that he could really take acting as his career in life.

The huge success of the melodramatic show and the band that formed thanks to it, RBD, made Alfonso Herrera and his bandmates gain worldwide fame. Poncho’s life was immersing in albums, concerts, and even a new series with the band (RBD: La Familia).

2008 was the year of comebacks and goodbyes for Alfonso. In January, he returned to movies as a protagonist of a romantic comedy called ‘Volverte a Ver’. In March he became part of the theatrical cast ‘The Pillowman’ and by the middle of the year announced the breakup of RBD.

Now, without tours and without music, Poncho focused on his career with a very clear path: acting. In September, Leonardo Carral came to his life, character he gave life in the drama series ‘Terminales’.

In 2009, he participated in the series ‘Tiempo Final 3’ in the episode called ‘El Billete’ and then in one of the episodes of ‘Mujeres Asesinas 2’ called ‘Soledad, Cautiva’.

In July of the same year, he returned to the TV sets to star next to the actress and singer Belinda in the soap opera ‘Camaleones’ where the Mexican actor gave life to a masterpiece thief.

That same year Poncho discovered a new phase in his career as an actor; dubbing. The young actor gave his voice to ‘Igor’, the main character of the animated film the same name, produced by The Weinstein Company. These were moments filled with many films, as later on Herrera personified a communications technician called Frank Moore in the awarded film, ‘Venezzia’, a love story intertwined in historic events.

In 2010 he would debut as a host for the ‘AXN Film Festival’. Later, he returned to the theatre ‘Rain Man’ next to Plutarco Haza and Paola Núñez, among others.

The following year, the actor returned to the big screens with the premier of ‘Así es la suerte’, under the directions of Juan Carlos de Llaca.

His return to the smal screen came that same year with Pedro Torres, who took him to star in a conflicting series called ‘El Equipo’. Under the orders of this producer, Poncho participated as Aquiles Serdán in one of the episodes for the series ‘El Encanto del Águila’, which recounts the events that marked the era of the revolution.

And in 2011 marked by series, ‘El Diez’ finally made it to the screens of ESPN, being the first fictional show broadcasted though this network. After many months of preparation and training, Poncho gave life to Salvador ‘Chava’ Espinoza, an upcoming soccer star.

In 2012, Poncho returned to the theatre once again. This time as one of the protagonists of ‘Nadando con Tiburones’, the young actor gave life to Gus in a comedy filled with suspense and dark humor. In between shows, the Mexican actor returned to dubbing. Sharing credits with Danny DeVito, Poncho gave his voice to Ted, a young 12-year-old idealist in the animated film “El Lórax”.

Giving a ‘stop’ between so much activity, Poncho took on various altruistic commitments in 2012, becoming the spokesperson for various campaigns such as ‘Greenpeace México’ and ‘Non Violence México’. He was also the guest figure for the ‘Pedro Infante Requiem’, which was produced in the Victoria Theatre in the city of Durango.

2013, was a year with a 16:9 ratio, after his participation in the drama film “Obediencia Perfecta”, in which he played Sacramento Santos as an adult. He was also the protagonist in the horror film “Espectro”, along with Paz Vega and Maya Zapata, taking on the risk of playing Mario. As he very well admitted he felt like an intruder in the dubbing world, but his professionalism and excelent labor could not be denied and DreamWorks chose him to be Guy in the children’s production ‘Los Croods’ and hand in hand with Juan José Campanella, gave his voice to the Latin American audience as Amadeo in “Metegol”.

Continuing with his solidary work, that same year he joined ‘Va X Mi Cuenta’, campaign dedicated to feed Mexican children in risk of malnutrishion.

Can we say that 2014 was the begining of a new era in Alfonso’s career? We can’t assure that but we do have enough facts that suggest it was, a variety of projects, challenges in new territories and the crossing of frontiers characterized this year, starting with his role as a judge in “Super Cerebros”, a production by NatGeo for Latin America. Poncho was able to become the character that would challenge Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo in the third season of the successful Fox series “El Capo”, where he gave life to Juan Vicente Blanco know as ‘Niño Malo’. And between shotguns and gangsters, Alfonso made room to beat even another challenge proposed by NatGeo, becoming the host of the cycle “La Ciencia de lo Absurdo”, which had two seasons (continuing in 2016) and a Christmas special. The so feared and awaited premier of the very conflicting film “La Dictadura Perfecta” followed next, where he played producer Carlos Rojo and which became one of the highest films at the box office in Latin America.

Can we say that 2015 was a year internationally consegrated for this restless actor? Yes, and we are not afraid to confirm it. His dream came true along with Hernando, the character he played in the Netflix international series, “Sense 8”, directed by the Wachowski sisters. “Minions”, an animated film, premiered mid-year, marking the return of Alfonso to the world of dubbing. To close off this successful year, Poncho put on his sunglasses to star in a series produced by Sony Televisa, “El Dandy”.

2016 is just starting and is already very promising! We await the premiers of the new seasons of Sense8 and La Ciencia de lo Absurdo, the season finale of El Dandy and the premiere of the movie “The Chosen”, a spanish coproduction based on historic events, playing Ramón Mercader, the Catalan that killed Trotsky.

Alfonso Herrera is considered a screen hearthrob, even so, no one seems to doubt the great actor he is, consolidated to the public and media as one of the most favored actors, with a career a little more than a decade long. We can speak of unforgetable characters, of the right projects or maybe his devotion once he gets a hold of a new role. However, it is impossible not to make reference to his audicity when it’s time to take on new and distinct projects filled with challenges the actor doesn’t seem to fear. Alfonso confirms that his work speaks for himself, and he is right, Poncho is a restless young adult, in constant search, dedicated to work in projects that send a message, because he has a lot to say.


If we are talking about successful careers, it’s impossible not to think of Alfonso Herrera. Not only is he the owner of a very diverse and intense career but very rewarding as well. Through this more than ten years span Poncho has accumulated multiple awards such as:

  • MTV Movie Awards México (2003): Favorite Villain (Amar te duele).
  • Canada International Film Festival (2010): Best actor (Venezzia).
  • Premios Juventud (2010): ¡Qué actorazo! (Venezzia).
  • The Journalist Theatrical Association ATP (2011): Male theatrical revelation (Rain Man).
  • Premios Esquire Top 5 México (2012): Most outstanding male in entertainment.

And it seems like talent and beauty come hand in hand, or at least this is the case.

The young actor has also been pleasurably recognized due to his physical appearance; his two consecutive years of being named ‘The sexiest and most desirable man in Mexico’ by the magazine ‘Quién’,  his designation in 2009 as ‘One of the top 25 hottest men’ by ‘People en Español’ magazine, and his recognition two years in a row in ‘Premios Juventud’ in the category ‘Está buenísimo’.

  • Award Agent of Change (2014): The actor became the first in receiving this recognition in the MTV Millennial Awards, due to his non-stop labor of protecting the enviroment.
  • Award GQ Actor of the Year (2015) by the ‘GQ Mexico’ magazine.
  • Personalities that change Mexico (2015) by ‘Quién’ magazine.



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2002 Amar te Duele Francisco INFORMATION »
2008 Volverte a Ver Pablo Murillo INFORMATION »
2009 Venezzia Frank Moore INFORMATION »
2011 Así es la Suerte Guillermo INFORMATION »
2013 Espectro Mario INFORMATION »
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2014 La Dictadura Perfecta Carlos Rojo (productor) INFORMATION »
2016 The Chosen (El Elegido) Ramón Mercader INFORMATION »


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2007 RBD: La Familia Poncho INFORMATION »
2008 Terminales Leonardo Carral INFORMATION »
2009 Mujeres Asesinas 2 (Soledad, Cautiva) Esteban INFORMATION »
2009 Tiempo Final 3 (El Billete) Arturo INFORMATION »
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2011 El Encanto del Águila Aquiles Serdán INFORMATION »
2014 Super Cerebros Jurado INFORMATION »
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2015 Sense8 Hernando INFORMATION »
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2016 Drunk History LA Che Guevara INFORMATION »
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2004 Rebelde Miguel Arango INFORMATION »
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2008 The Pillowman Michal INFORMATION »
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2008 Igor Igor INFORMATION »
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2013 Los Croods Guy INFORMATION »
2013 Metegol Amadeo INFORMATION »
2014 The Awesomes en Español Jun (padre de Tim/Sumo) INFORMATION »
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